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For Real Estate Top Producers, Team Leaders, Brokers & Recruiters Looking For A Better Vehicle For Wealth Creation...

How to Start & Scale An Online Real Estate Coaching Practice/ Mentorship Program Helping Other Real Estate Professionals To $100k/Month In PROFIT Within 12 Months Or Less 

...And ALSO Use It To Attract Agents To Your Downline, Real Estate Brokerage, Develop An Exit Strategy & Semi-Retire With Online Income!

Some Of Our Awesome Transformations

Who Is This For?

This is for any top producing real estate agent, team leader or broker that is looking to get into online coaching and becoming a mentor for other agents. If you're already coaching other real estate agents in some way, shape or form, and you're ready for a higher income with MUCH less stress, this is for you. 

You're looking for a passive income source where you can go to bed EVERY night, KNOWING, within a small range of variance, how much new cash is going to hit your bank account by the end of the month. This is for you if you need a near PASSIVE INCOME SOURCE - one that works for you, 24/7/365 generating a predictable flow of new cashflow, ULTIMATELY multiplying with every new client into two PROFITABLY, allowing you financial & time freedom.
  • Escape Hamster Wheel: You current income is dependent on the number of homes you sell. As soon as you stop selling, your income goes to nil. In order to escape the hamster wheel, you need to build a source of income that brings in cash while you sleep. 
  • Qualification: If you're a top producing agent, other agents are asking you for help. If you're a team leader you're coaching your agents for FREE hoping they convert some business for you. You must charge for your time because you have something of value.
  • Count Your Investments: Look back at your career. How much money have you invested into yourself with other real estate coaches such as Krista Mashore and Tom Ferry (to name a few)? $10k? $25k? Haven't you ever thought to yourself these folks are the REAL winners? How about you become one of them?
  • Coaching Has Been On Your Mind: Have you been considering coaching for awhile but don't know where to get started? This is for you if you want to launch an online program that sells on autopilot. We've personally done $3M/year with our own company before teaching other agents. 
  • Re-occurring Revenue: We aren't associated with brokerages like eXp or REAL Broker but there is something to learn. The #1 agent attractor at eXp globally is an online coach. He is selling an online coaching program. Becoming a mentor is the BEST way to build your downline and a passive income source. We had one of our clients grow his downline by 3 agents in 7 days. (picture below).
  • The Next Step: This is the next logical step for you if you're looking to become a CEO. If you do not want to be running around for your next paycheque and build something that pays you while you're at home in your PJ's, this is for you. 

If you're looking to establish a "harbor position" - attainment of a certain plateau where you're no longer concerned within common, everyday, day-to-day financial matters or pressures, and can be mentally free with lifestyle needs met, this is for you.

The problem is...

Once you’ve claimed the achievement of being a top producer, team leader or broker, you’ve acquired skill sets which have gotten you there. You’re part of that 10% that made it in real estate. No doubt about it. The question for yourself then becomes: 

“What’s the next logical step for me with those skill sets on hand?”

  • Do I keep selling real estate full-time?
  • Do I start building my own team or brokerage? Possibly even start building passive income through a downline? 
  • Or do I want to launch an online course/ coaching program where I share my knowledge and expertise and basically semi-retire? One that I can also use as an extremely efficient recruiting and agent attraction tool as well? One that allows me to have the time freedom and mental clarity I wished for? 
The answer's right here.

Packaging your knowledge and expertise to launch your online course. This business model will not only pay you handsomely every month but also act as the best agent recruiter and attractor you’ve ever had. Period. 

This vehicle has low competition, high gross profit margins, immediate cash collection upon sale, uncapped earning potential and virtually a $0 start up cost.

If you’re growing your downline, why not get paid to attract? The best way to attract agents is by selling an online course and becoming a mentor to other agents. It delivers on value and providing value is the best way to build rapport and trust. It’s not a coincidence why the #1 agent attractor at eXp is selling an online course. 

"This sounds good but who are you...?"

The main thing you ought to know about US...

Unlike a lot of coaches or self-proclaimed "gurus", we ACTUALLY developed these strategies from our own multiple 7 figure real estate coaching business ( where we went from broke university students to $100,000+ a month in profit within 3 years from one 4-person office space. We've helped real estate agents for over 3 years and have over 1000+ real estate agents scale their business. We've had a proven track record of coaching and consulting agents and have amassed dozens of case studies which can be found on our website.  We are just now teaching other agents, team leaders and brokers (whom we think are the best fit) on how to transition into online coaching/ mentorship. Below we share real proof and numbers. We have no problem at all with being honest and legitimate.
$60k cash collected weeks

...and no this isn't the CN Tower from Toronto. This picture is from a penthouse we had rented out in Calgary during the stampede week.

We also picked up a 2CC along the way. (2 more on the way)

Just to drive this point home, we have over 600+ real estate agents in our customer-only private Facebook group. This group is for our actual COACHING program and not the one you are inquiring about.

Here's Our Profit and Loss Statement Taken from Our Online Quickbooks Account Connected to Our Business Bank Accounts For Our Real Estate Coaching Company For the Month of January 2022

$100k Profit (Cash Basis) ACTUALLY Doing It. Few Notes:

If you're looking to grow your downline or brokerage at scale, read the testimonial below. Our stuff works!

A Little About Me..

Hi I'm Prab...

Prab Mangat is the Founder of An online coaching/ consulting business that has helped over 1000+ real estate agents scale their business. To date, the company has led to millions of dollars in GCI for their clients and hundreds of transactions across North America. 

On the side, he runs the Renegade Real Estate Millionaire program to help top producers, team leaders and brokers create their own online course/ mentorship program and buy back time freedom. What makes it special is that the methodology used can also be used as a mechanism to attract agents to downlines, local real estate teams and brokerages as well. 


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